Monday, April 11, 2005

An Exercise

This is a question that you can come back to over time. Some of you may have read Fahrenheit 451 but you can answer the question even if you have not read it. Remember that firemen in the book were there to burn books and there was a group of book lovers that left the society to become living books.

Imagine that you have joined the wandering group of book lovers. Think of 5 books you think would be worth saving from the firemen (assume that the Bible, Koran, Shakespeare's works have been saved). The books you select should be works you think would be of value to future civilizations, either for their ideas, their stories, their characters, or their point of view.

  • What five books would you choose?

  • Why did you select those five?

  • Out of those five books which book would you choose to memorize?

  • What makes your book stand out from the other four?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Only 5 books! Hmmm...

1) The First 2 lives of Lucas Kasha

2) Landing on Marvin Gardens

3) Treasure in an Oatmeal Box

4) The Fantastic Mr. Fox

5) an Abnormal Psychology textbook

The first 4 books I chose because I believe that the stories have a high value of morale. The textbook because I use it more often than I use a dictionary these days (and that's a lot).

I can't really decide which of the first 4 I would memorise. They all have great stories. If I could only memorise one of them I would probably chose either book 1 or book 2. Book 1 because the story is a lesson in the perception of reality; book 2 because the story depicts scrambled family and housing situations that are very similar to life.

Books 3 and 4 are also worth memorising but I guess their stories can be found in other works. I would forego memorising the textbook because most of it is working knowledge.