Friday, May 26, 2006

You Can't Read This

I found quite an interesting book on the history of books, writing, reading and a history of ancient banned books called, "You Can't Read This" by Val Ross.

Many ancient people believed the idea that writing contains power, and that reading unlocks that power. Do you think modern people believe this? I think of the conservative Christians who see danger in Harry Potter books, or countries who keep history from their people, or schools reluctant to allow children to live out scenarios through controversial books.

An excerpt from, "You Can't Read This."
"This book you are looking at right now is a history of reading. But it is also about people who have been denied the power of reading. It's about lost writing, forbidden books, mistranslations, codes, and vanished libraries. It's about censors, vandals, and spies. It's about people who write in secret. And it's about people who devote their hearts and brains to learning what has been written."

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