Monday, March 07, 2005

Censorship is a form of constriction and suppression

To me, censorship is a form of constriction and suppression. When
people are censored, the intended impact of what they were trying to
convey is suppressed, minimalised, trivialised, or all together
deleted. There is a reason why we have the Right to Free Speech, and
it is because everyone is entitled to their own thoughts and opinions.
I feel that censorship is a violation of this Right in that it reduces
our ability to freely express ourselves.
In some instances, censorship is declared as an act to protect the
innocent, naive, and easily offended. In this case, warnings or
disclaimers may be used to prevent subjection of sensitive or
specified group material to those not wanting to be exposed to such.
There are ways around censorship and I believe that they are an
adequate replacement for the protection which censorship claims to be
a function. In simple terms, I believe that censorship is unnecessary
and people need to be more open-minded about the interests of others
and if they do not wish to be subjected to them, to adhere to warnings
and disclaimers placed on these products.


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