Friday, March 10, 2006

The Book To Save

Hello, As this is my first time blogging I thought I would answer one of the Moderator's questions. Which book would I memorize? I would memorize Something Good by Robert Munsch. Yes, I know that this is a children's story. However, it is a story that speaks to young children, older teens and adults alike. As a story teller, I love telling this story and watching faces recognize themselves, a sister or brother, a parent, or a child in the characters. The characters are everyday people dealing with their daily life and offering humour to the situation. As a storyteller, there are great opportunities to use voice and action to develop distinct personalities for each character. I would memorize this book because of the joy it has brought to my life and others. No it is not a banned book, but did you know that it took Robert Munsch years to publish Good Families Don't -- a book about a fart.

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