Friday, March 03, 2006

You Can't Get There From Here

My husband who is now my foreign correspondent in China is letting me know which sites are and aren't available for him to access. The CEO of the Pelham Public Library, where I work, was very interested to know whether or not our site was accessible in China. The answer is yes and no. Although the Pelham Public Library site is accessible, he cannot reach the Fahrenheit 451 discussion through our site and a search for Blogger does not bring him the information for which he is looking. Evidently, it has been blocked.

Because the last post was about a Wikipedia entry, I asked him to try that one. The collective wisdom of all of our societies can be found there but not in China.

Interestingly enough The Freedom to Read site was available to him.

Most surprising was that Google looked the same. However, he is in a Western hotel and he has not tried to look for controversial subjects.

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