Tuesday, May 23, 2006

"Gulp Fiction" Has Arrived

"Gulp fiction" or "street lit" has arrived at the Pelham Public Library. A Toronto Star article by Francine Kopun from March 4, 2006 describes a genre of fiction that is appealing to young people. According to Kopun, "The covers are lurid, the language obscene. The plots pop with pimps, prostitutes, guns, drugs and sex, gangs and ghettos."

Apparently it is fiction's fastest-growing genre, popular with teens and women. They have been attacked as glorifying street life and been lauded as cautionary tales by different people. Some people believe they are dragging down the quality of writing while others believe they give a voice to authors who would not have otherwise been heard. What do you think?

With titles such as "Bad Girlz" and "Crack Head," I'm surprised that so far we haven't taken any flack. I haven't read anything in this genre but I am wondering if they could be much different than other "raw" novels in our collection.

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