Thursday, May 18, 2006

Muslim Groups Support Da Vinci Code Ban

In a number of countries, Muslim groups and clerics are calling for a ban on the Da Vinci Code movie.

In India, Maulana Mansoor Ali Khan, a representative of an organization of Islam clerics, stated,
"We cannot tolerate any insult to Jesus Christ. In the Holy Koran it is written clearly that Jesus is one of our prophets. The film Da Vinci Code says Jesus was a married man. That is blasphemous."

Christian and Muslim leaders have found common ground.

One question that occurs to me is why the film seems to be raising so much more controvery than the book.

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Jen said...

I don't think it's causing more controversy than the book (yet), just that it's renewing the controversy that was around before.

Maybe film reaches a wider audince than books? (I'd assume so anyway)