Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Forever and Learning About the Emotional Side of Relationships

I received this comment today concerning Judy Blume's Forever. Parents, this young lady is speaking to you with wisdom and honesty and out of her own experience. Just for the record, our copy of Forever is in the Young Adult section where it belongs.

UnDer CoNstRuCT!oN said...

I'm a teenaged girl, 16 in fact, and I’m not telling you to give this book to your four year old but to all mothers this is a good book about the difference between true love and your first love. Sure there are sex scenes but there are more explicit sex scenes in the shows teens watch everyday and the difference between the scenes on TV and in the book is, on TV it seems romantic hip fun cool hot and sexy. They don't show the disappointment and hurt and pain that Judy Blume shows. Have you ever thought that the reasons teens have sex is because no one talks to them about it. I don't know about you but, my mom teaching me about sex doesn't exactly turn me on to having it, it teaches me not too. I don't know why it is in the adult section that’s like giving a cookbook to a world master chef you already know about it and have experienced situations similar to the story line. Saying a book will convince teens to have sex just shows how far we have come as a society why are parents trying so hard to ban this book or keep it away from teens, shouldn't you be worried about the internet and porno's and the ever popular MTV and BET, honestly wouldn't you rather have teens learn about the pain and heartache of having sex from Judy Blume (and you) than the cool hot sexy gotta have it now versions that the television and internet has to offer????

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