Saturday, February 24, 2007

Camel Bookmobile Camel and Curling Up with a Good Computer

Freedom to Read Poster 1993

Take the "Banned Book Challenge." Freedom to Read Week begins tomorrow.

While most of us in Canada can celebrate our freedom to read, I am reminded that freedom to read can also have a lot to do with having access to books and other materials.

Sheyfali Saujani talks about the challenge of curling up with a good computer as he informs Toronto Star readers of both the resources available to people who are "print challenged" and the challenges that remain in trying to find Canadian talking books. Contact information is available for readers with disabilities who wish to contact the CNIB and for volunteers who may wish to record books to make them accessible to others.

Check out the Camel Book Drive for Keyna. Pictures and video of this unique way of making books accessible through the Camel Mobile Library show how the library comes to the people (Library 2.0 at work for all you librarians.)


booklogged said...

Elaine, I love the posters for past years. Is there a poster for this year?

fahrenheit451moderator said...

The poster for this year is on the Freedom to Read web site ( The whole poster gallery is here:
I thought it would be nice to include the posters from each year until I run out. I think you can also order a physical poster but perhaps for this year only. There is a link to order the kit and posters. The kit is a booklet of ideas along with articles about censorship. Here is the link to the 2007 kit in PDF. There are also PDFs to a few other past kits.