Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Reporting on the Challenge February 28, 2007

Thanks to traffic from Meg Cabot's Web Diary, we have had such an influx of people to our site that we have been banned from publishing until Blogger has time to review our site. It is a wonderful problem to have but that means I am writing this post that will be published once they realize we aren't selling anything. We have also had an influx of people who have registered for the "Banned Book Challenge."

Lauren, USA, 10
vickiebarker, USA, 10
Marissa, South Africa, 25
heidijane, UK, 4
CoversGirl, Australia, 4
Doppelganger, Canada, 5
chelle1018, USA, more than 25
Exitgrrl, Canada, 12
Meghan, USA, 10
Sleepless Mama, USA, 20
literaryaspiratons US, more than 25
Jerina Pillert, USA, more than 25
ElsBells, USA, 6
stormhollywing, USA, 10
trilyscastle, USA, 4
Tiara,USA, 20
Samantha, USA, 3
beej, USA, 1
Bellezza, USA, 5
bfly12jc, USA, 15
alpalpartygal, USA, 5
Lizzy, Canada, more than 25
muffin_joke, USA, 12
book_freak, USA, 20
bluecouture USA, 10
LadyMonday, USA, more than 25
misshappy4, USA, 5
bookmouse999, more than 25
evilpigsarecool, USA, more than 25
Jean Stowell, USA, 10
jraeusa24, USA, 3
i.kissthesky, Philippines, 4
Zarina USA, 12
Sunny0406, Sri Lanka, 10
Amy, Canada, 5
Sharon Becker, Canada, 20

74 people have pledged to read over 460 banned or challenged books.

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