Monday, February 12, 2007

Take the Banned Book Challenge

Just in time for Freedom to Read Week, the Pelham Public Library is issuing this challenge to readers everywhere.

Take the Banned Book Challenge
Set a goal for yourself to read as many banned or challenged books as you wish between February 26 (Freedom to Read Week) and June 30, 2007. Visit the Pelham Public Library’s Fahrenheit 451: Banned Book Blog to set your goal and report on your progress. Not sure what to read? Check out the lists on the sidebar, click on our LibraryThing banner or visit some of the links. Don't forget to visit your own library in person too. Just so you know you aren't alone in this, I'll let you know which "banned" authors are responding to the challenge to date.

I am gathering my thoughts about what I would like to read. So many comments were left about So Far From the Bamboo Grove that I would like to read it. Also on the potential list is Freedom Writer's Diary. I would also like to read a classic like The Grapes of Wrath. Something by Ursula le Guin is on my mind but I'm not sure which book. If anyone wants to suggest any other books, I'll take a gander. I think I will set a goal of one per month -- not lofty -- but I would like to leave room for other books that are stacking up.


Communications Guru said...

I live in Howell, Mi. where a small but vocal group is trying to ban some books. I have seen you post about it here. Can you explain this challenge to me? It sounds really interesting.

Kris said...

What a great challenge! I emailed my f2f group - we read mostly banned/challanged books and I emailed another online reading group I belong to and I posted info on my blog. haha! Hope a lot of people participate.

Lover of Books said...

I am interested in this challenge cause I can pick 6 and make sure I read them in that time frame. :) I'll post a list. :)

booklogged said...

Elaine, I saw your comment at Kris' blog, Not Enough Books. I want to join. Will need a bit of time to consider what I'll be reading. Will let you know as soon as I know. Do you mind if I do a post on my blog encouraging others to join in?

raidergirl3 said...

Are these books really banned in your Ontario library? I'm shocked, and, I guess, very naive. Some of these books are part of our [PEI]provincial high school curriculum. How can these books be banned from a public library?
I'm joining your challenge, hoping to read some of the children's books, along with my nine year old son.

fahrenheit451moderator said...

Let me clarify that these are all books that have been challenged or banned in other places. Our library does not ban books and I don't personally know of any Ontario libraries (or Canadian for that matter) that ban books. All titles are available to our patrons through InterLibrary Loan. Not many books are challenged in Canada in public libraries. However, schools may face challenges. e.g., Deborah Ellis' "Three Wishes."

We are promoting the freedom to read through our banned book program. We would love to have you and your son take the challenge.

FLiF said...

This is a great idea. I have posted about it on our blog and will pass on the link to other people and communities.

And, thanks for adding us to your links list!

Lover of Books said...

I just posted my list and it is at the bottom of the page. I hope to read all 8. I will start it this month. :)

Anonymous said...

i read evertything i get my hands on, but the ones i saw on the pelham library banned list that ir ead are:
Fahrenheit 451
The Chocolate War
Lord of the Flies
Of Mice and Men
The Egypt Game
Harry Potter
A Day No Pigs Would Die
The Giver
The Call of the Wild
A Wrinkle in Time
To Kill a Mockingbird
The Outsiders

Hannah said...

this is a really cool idea!! i can across it on an amazon page, and i thought it sounded really neat. Aside from a book like mein kampf (which is just insane blabbering anyways) i dont think books should be banned. I was reading the list and i have already read 15 of them some for school and others for fun, and some i was surprised to see were on there. I'm really excited to join in this challenge though.