Saturday, March 31, 2007

Muzzle, Stiffle, and Subvert: From the Bizarre to the Absurd

The Signal: News for Santa Clarita Valley has an opinion editorial that deals with a number of censorship issues in the US. The article by Willy E. Gutman is entitled "Only in America: From the Bizarre to the Absurd."

The author points out a number of situations which in his opinion reflect,

White House-led efforts to muzzle the press, stifle artistic expression and subvert free thought while stepping up its own deceitful propaganda is being daily turned up a notch with a series of seemingly isolated but intimately linked initiatives that reflect the Bush administration's obsession with controlling information - and the minds of Americans.

Included in his examples is the challenge to Fahrenheit 451 during "Banned Books Week" but the whole article is worth a read.

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