Monday, March 26, 2007

Reporting on the Challenge March 26, 2007

128 people, including the people listed below, have pledged to read over 880 books in the Banned Book Challenge.

sillysoph, USA, 3
rawrMandy, USA, 10
Martha W., Canada, 20
Rosangela, Brazil, 1
Superfast Reader, USA,3
lepitre728, Canada, 7
JaneSays, USA, 6

Check the comments below for titles that have been submitted.

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fahrenheit451moderator said...

Sons and Lovers
Banned book: Hello? Sexual innuendos of an incestuous bend.

Geography Club
Banned book: It was repeatedly challenged because of them there homophobic folks in yall places down South. However, it was actually banned in Tacoma, Washington schools because of, get this, "it romanticizes Internet hook-ups." Snicker-snort.

A Separate Peace
Banned book: "Detractors cite offensive language and sex as dangerous elements in this novel." Whuuut? Methinks thou dost protest too much.

Martha W., Canada
The Sun Also Rises

Martha W., Canada
Alice in wonderland

Elaine, Canada
Three Wishes: Palestinian and Israeli Children Speak
This book was challenged by the Canadian Jewish Congress as being inappropriate for younger than grade six because of the implied violence. I found the book to be a balanced and fair assessment of the situation. The children are the writers of this book, for the most part, and readers are able to understand their world from that point of view. It is a shame that some school boards caved in to pressure from the CJC and it is a shame that the CJC does not see this book as important reading for children, since there is much to learn from the children's words.