Monday, April 16, 2007

Reporting on the Challenge April 16, 2007

Take the "Banned Book Challenge" along with another 145 people, including the people listed below, who have pledged to read over 1500 books in the Banned Book Challenge.

Freedom to Read Poster 2005

aichaku, Singapore, 3
Judi Repman, USA, 1
VasilisaSage, USA, 2

See the comments below for titles that have been submitted.


fahrenheit451moderator said...

Julie B., USA
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
I read that this book was challenged because it animals talked. I wont be surprised if it was challenged at some point because it showed a little girl with a lot of imagination who was sometimes naughty.

fahrenheit451moderator said...

katya, USA
The Watchmen
The vision of the future in this book is extremely bleak. In some ways, it seems to be promoting eugenics and Nazism, if you don't read closely. The superheroes are arrogant and one is crazy, and they don't win out in the end.

The Naked and the Dead
Mailer captures the personalities of a platoon of reconnaissance soldiers with the intuitiveness of someone who is not 25. He shows their lives through flashbacks, written as one-act plays or monologues or a simple story. Their mission - to recon and take over an island under Japanese control - is not glorified. In fact, its about as anti-war as can be imagined for that time. Plus, Mailer writes about the Japanese soldiers, left to starve while keeping the island secure, their diaries reflecting their fear, their hatred of war.

Banned Book: The use of the word "fuggin" rather than "fuckin" did little to sway book abolitionists. Sexual innuendos. War. Shit.

Canuck Librarian, Canada
The Diviners
Well, it's obvious that it was challenged because of the darn sparrows! Oh, okay, maybe it was the talk of sex, adultery and illegal abortions that had some folks up in arms.