Friday, May 18, 2007

Why "Forever" Continues to Be Challenged

Judy Blume's Forever is being released in several new editions with an updated introduction. Simon and Shuster is making both a teen and adult cover available.

Judy Blume recently did an interview with Newsweek and spoke about why she wrote the book, whether it is relevant today, why it is still being challenged after all of these years, etc.

She also tells about her new children's book which will be released this August.
It's called Soupy Saturdays With the Pain and the Great One, with wonderfully droll illustrations by James Stevenson. It's the first of four chapter books for young readers based on characters I created years ago in a picture book called The Pain and the Great One. I've wanted to revisit these characters for years. I'm glad I waited, because it feels as if the time is right.

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