Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Banned Book Challenge Report

To date, 40 people have signed up for The Banned Book Challenge and have pledged to read 337 banned or challenged books. From now until June, pick a goal for the number of banned, challenged, or censored books you would like to read. Register by clicking on the logo or the link to The Banned Book Challenge. See the sidebar for lists and for links to other sites.

Sharon B., Canada, 10
Bethany C., US, 4
colleen, USA, 10
Tammy R., USA, 20
Lois L., Canada, 15
Geiar, USA, 6
Nessiana, Canada, 5
Faith, USA, 6
aduncan365, Canada, 15
redrobbie, Canada, 15
joanna, Belgium, 6
xXtr3ehu9g3rXx, USA, 10
sgillis, USA, 10
A Little Bit Moore, USA, 10
Veronica C., Canada, 5
Lynsey, New Zealand, 6
Susan, Canada, 5
flyaway123, USA, 10
ad_absurdum, Canada, 7
sandra nieuwenhuijsen, Canada, 5
Tammy, USA, 5
marit freya, USA, 50
Callista, Canada, 4
amethystd, USA, 1
janice, singapore, 4
KaraT, USA, 6
Rich, USA, 4
Lena, USA, 5
Debi, USA, 4, USA. 8
Becky, USA, 3
Sharon, USA, 3
3m, USA, 8
Nibbs1_99, USA, 15
The Biblio Brat, USA, 5
Janis Savoie, USA, 3
Jaime Grijalba, Chile, 15
Paul Litterick, New Zealand, 1
Elaine A., Canada, 8
Juli, USA, 5

Last year, we featured posters throughout the years from the Freedom to Read organization in Canada. This year, we feature posters from our friends in the United States.

The Fire Still Burns courtesy ABFFE (American Booksellers For Freedom of Expression).

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