Friday, January 08, 2010

Banned Book Challenge 2010

Freedom to Read Week 2010

Thank you for taking the Banned Book Challenge. Join us again in February 2011 for our next challenge.

It is time once more for our Banned Book Challenge. Choose a goal for the number of challenged or banned books you can read between Feb. and June. Let us know about your goal on our form, so we can keep track. Not sure what to read? Check out our suggested reading and the many links on the right side bar.

The Freedom to Read organization has put together a list of challenged or banned books and magazines for Canada.

Robert P Doyle has put together a list of books that have been banned or challenged in 2008-2009 in the US.


Bibliobabe said...

I posted a page with ALL current reading challenges. Let me know if you want me to add any other information to your challenge. I hope it brings even more readers to your challenge!

Reading Challenges.

Rachelle (Bibliobabe)

fahrenheit451moderator said...

Dear Rachelle (Bibliobabe)

Thanks! That's wonderful. I have put a link to that particular page on the sidebar on our page, so it will be there even when our challenge has ended.

Genny said...

My goal is to read all 100 of the ALA's top 100 most challenged boooks: 1990-1999 this year! I've got 62 left to read. You can see my progress at my blog:

fahrenheit451moderator said...

That's a great goal, Genny. I have added a link and also a blog entry about your blog. Great minds think alike. I like to hear voices other than mine on this topic.

Anonymous said...

I have read 38 books so far