Wednesday, August 09, 2006

You Have to Find out Somehow

According to an article by Reuters, a clinic in China posted an erotic book online despite China's tight rein on anything it considers pornographic or even erotic.

Suprisingly, the sexual health clinic defended its posting. The posting was of excerpts of an ancient, erotic novel called "Secret Lust of Spring Palace" that contains explicit sexual content.

The health clinic defended its actions, saying it was intended for treatment, not for personal gratification. Dr. Zong, a spokesperson for the clinic, said the hospital specializes in tackling sexual problems, both physical and mental, that lead to infertility. He believes this kind of literature can be used to help educate and cited the example of a couple who had complained about infertility. It turned out they did not know how to have sex and that the wife was still a virgin when they came to the hospital. Thus the need for explicit material.

Despite pornographic literature being banned, sexually explicit content is widely available online and on street corners in China.

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