Friday, August 11, 2006

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Bridge to Terabithia

"I think this book was banned or challenged because it deals with the loss of a child. People may feel that for a child who is reading the book, it is too heavy of a situation for a child's book."

Bridge to Terabithia has been dealt with in a previous post and another previous post. Look there for reasons why the book has been banned.

For more about Katherine Paterson, visit her official web site.


Jen said...

For a few years now I've heard of this book and told myself I should read it...I just clued in now that Bridge to Terabithia is a book I read as a child and loved, and I do think of it, but hadn't a clue what the title/author was! I just read the summary on sparknotes, so I think it's the same book, but I'll definitely have to read it again to double check!

fahrenheit451moderator said...

That happened to me with The Secret Garden. I had borrowed an old worn out copy from the library with no dust jacket (I've never judged a book by its cover). It left an impression with me so strong that years later, I could still bring to mind the special moments like finding the door to the garden and the replanting of the garden. Years later I saw a movie by that title and my childhood love for the book was rekindled.

Anonymous said...

My son is 12 years old and was given this book to read on a summer reading list for next school year. Two years ago his good friend that spent the night over alot was killed in a late night run to the store car accident. It was very difficult for him to accept and I drove him to Alabama to the funeral. He still gets sad on the day he died. He liked The Bridge to Terabithia and understands the reality of someone dying that is close to him. Had he read the book first he may have been able to cope better knowing that it happens. Best to prepare them somehow instead of shocking them so drastically if it does happen to someone they know and they are unprepared.