Thursday, January 24, 2008

Banned Book Challenge

Due to the success of last year's challenge, the Pelham Public Library is once again issuing the "Banned Book Challenge." Set a challenge for yourself to read x number of challenged or banned books between February 24 (Freedom to Read Week in Canada) and June 30. If you are not sure what to read, check our list for 2008. These are books that have faced challenges that are available in the Pelham Public Library. Check LibraryThing for other titles or check any of the links on the sidebar to find even more books. Register using the form below. I will keep running totals beginning in February.

Find the most recent Banned Book Challenge form here.


Susan said...

I've joined! I'm at , i've sent you my list and have put your challenge up on my blog. i can't believe some of the titles that have been challenged/banned! Thank you for raising awareness that we should have the freedom to read what we choose.

Lynsey said...

Hi Elaine
Thanks for the note - and yes, it'll be fun seeing what others are reading. Here in Wellington, New Zealand, the city libraries are planning on reading banned/challenged kids books - Feb 25-29.

I'm off to a start on my first book - my criteria is: must've been banned/challenged, and available online. Progress reports at


A Little Bit Moore said...

I'm in! This is a challenge I set for myself at the end of 2007. I'll post a list of planned reading on my blog. Thanks!

SafeLibraries said...

How about a little balance: "National Hogwash Week."

Shelf Talk said...

We here at Shelf Talk, the Seattle Public Library blog, have joined, and have started our own Banned Book-of-the-Month Club with our inaugural title, Fahrenheit 451. Tip of the hat to you!

teri said...

Wow. I posted something on my blog a month ago about a woman who was all in a dither about a Little House book...saying it should be banned. And I was tongue-in-cheek saying this was like book burning. And there it is as one of the titles. Amazing. Can you imagine if a few people really had their way and we lost these treasures of literature? I'm horrified, frankly.