Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Banned Book Challenge 2009 - See you in 2010

The Pelham Public Library is issuing the third annual "Banned Book Challenge." Set a challenge for yourself to read x number of challenged or banned books between February 22 (Freedom to Read Week in Canada) and June 30. If you are not sure what to read, check our lists of suggested books on the right. These are books that have faced challenges that are available in the Pelham Public Library. Check LibraryThing for other titles or check any of the links on the sidebar to find even more books. Register using the form below. I will keep running totals beginning in February.

Find the most recent Banned Book Challenge form here.


Niesha said...

I was having problems with the form.
I'd like to join the challenge. Here is my info:
nieshalovesbooks, USA, 3 books.

Rachel said...

I've already read about 10 banned books, all of which i don't believe should be banned. Check out my site in the future for my take on banned books please!